Welcome To S&J Associates

S & J Associates is a leading multi-disciplinary architectural firm specializing in architecture, interior design, master planning, landscape, and product design. With expertise in designing a diverse range of residential and commercial buildings including villas, individual residences, apartments, schools, hospitals, showrooms, hotels, and office complexes, we also excel in heritage tourism development. Led by visionary Director and Principal Architect AR. Swagat Jena, our team brings over 19 years of experience, revolutionizing architectural landscapes with boundless creativity and dedication. From breathtaking residential marvels to awe-inspiring commercial ventures, Swagat's portfolio showcases our commitment to crafting functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces. AR. Laxminarayan Singh, another esteemed Director and Architect, adds depth to our team with expertise in conservation and architectural design, further enhancing our reputation as one of the best architects in Bhubaneswar. With a focus on seamless planning, teamwork, and innovation, we continue to leave an indelible mark on the architectural landscape, delivering exceptional results for our clients.


S & J Associates offers a wide range of services in the field of architecture and design. Our expertise encompasses:


We design various residential and commercial buildings, including villas, individual residences, schools, hospitals, showrooms, hotels, and office complexes, among others.

Master Planning

Our team develops comprehensive master plans for projects, covering layout designs, infrastructure planning, and zoning regulations to ensure sustainable development.

Interior Design

We create interior designs that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of spaces, tailored to meet our clients' preferences and requirements.

Landscape Design

We specialize in designing landscapes that incorporate green spaces, gardens, water features, and hardscapes to enhance the outdoor environment.

Green Architecture

Green architecture, also known as sustainable architecture or eco-friendly architecture, is an approach to design and construction that aims to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings while enhancing the health and well-being of occupants.

Conservation & Heritage

Our expertise extends to the preservation and development of heritage sites for tourism, integrating historical and cultural elements into modern designs.